title: win10 svn 校验失败无法下载 FAQ
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date: 2019-08-08 15:38:23

Checkout svn 代码出现校验失败,svn账户密码窗口未出现

找了下 Stackoverflow 发现一个可用的方案:原文点这里


If it’s caused by using Microsoft Account instead of Local Account to log in your Windows, the solution is in the SO link below. It’s just difficult to find it because it doesn’t talk exactly about TortoiseSVN, but the Subversion library which is under the hood of TortoiseSVN:

In SVN how do I override automatic Windows domain authentication

From the answer:

In “%AppData%\Subversion\servers” add into [groups] this line:

yoursvnserver_com = *.yoursvnserver.com
In the same file later add this group: